A Couple More Questions

2013-08-29 17:15:25 by WaldFlieger

Thanks to everyone who helped with fan quotes on the last post! We're going to really start spreading the word about Guinea Something Good soon!

If you could help with a couple more questions, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

1) What is your favorite Guinea Something Good comic strip/animated short/game? Why?
2) How did you find Guinea Something Good? When did you decide to start following it?


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2013-08-30 06:26:35

Waaaay to many option for me to chose just 1 favourite :)
I found your amazing comics through one of your animated episodes and I was really impressed by it so I added you to my favourites

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks a lot!! :D


2013-09-17 16:25:21

1) "Not in the morning", I just love this kind of humor
2) I found "How to deal whit zombies", that's when it all started, I looked at your profile, liked it, then I followed you

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks a lot!! :)