5k in 30 Days!

2013-06-25 14:49:27 by WaldFlieger

Guinea Something Good reached 2,250 likes on Facebook! Can we more than double that in the next 30 days?

Help spread the word! Tell your friends about Guinea Something Good! We can make this happen!

If we can get 5,000 likes by July 25th, we will unlock a week of incredible savings! Everything in the store will be 25-100% off!!

All T-shirts will be $11
The GSG printed collection will be $10
Artist Edition of GSG printed collection will be $15
Joe Stickers will be 50 cents
All commissions will be 50% off.

And best of all, all digital downloads will be FREE!
Collection of 7 HD Animated Shorts - FREE
32 Animated GIF Sprite Avatars - FREE
Telekinesthetics Desktop Wallpaper - FREE
GSG Squid Fight Wallpaper - FREE
Bounce or Die PC Game - FREE

And if we get 5,000 likes by July 25th, we will also unlock a digital PDF of the first printed collection, which includes the exclusive Choosable Path Adventure comic! Free for a week!

So spread the news! Let's get to 5k!!

Use the URL

5k in 30 Days!


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2013-06-25 17:20:46

I'm on it!


2013-06-25 17:25:51

I'm on it!

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks, man!!