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GSG Pay-What-You-Want Bundle

2013-01-19 07:46:16 by WaldFlieger

Hey, everyone! The Pay-What-You-Want bundle is now available! If you were interested in lending your support outside of the Kickstarter, this is your opportunity.


- A PC download of Bounce or Die featuring fullscreen support, native gamepad support, and a two-player deathmatch mode.
- A Guinea Something Good eBook - a High Resolution PDF of the first 24 GSG comic strips, and one exclusive bonus comic, in the style of GSG classics.
- A brand new "Telekinesthetics" desktop and mobile wallpaper.
- 5 animated GIF images suitable for use as online avatars.

Click here to get it now.

GSG Pay-What-You-Want Bundle


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2013-01-19 08:10:24

Oh and also I saw the pay want you want thing.
Also theres like a $2 transaction fee?
So how does that work?
So if i want to pay $2 dollars to you, I should pay $4?
Also can you reply as soon as you can?
If it supports mobile payment, Ill definitely buy this next week!

(Updated ) WaldFlieger responds:

Yeah, I have to pay $1 to PayItSquare and about a $1 to PayPal. Thanks!

Edit: Changed so you will be billed directly for the transaction fee. No minimum price anymore, just note that about $1.50 will be applied after the price you set.


2013-01-19 10:33:16

They dont support mobile payment!
Only through paypal, and I dont know anyone with an account and a credit card. :(
Im sorry...but I cant buy it... D:

WaldFlieger responds:

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! I thought they said they accepted more forms of payment than that


2013-01-20 01:10:22

What is the lowest I can pay?

WaldFlieger responds:

I believe a penny, but there is a transaction fee of about $1.50.


2013-01-20 02:19:02

So you are saying that with the transaction fee and other thing the minimum I have to pay $3.51?

WaldFlieger responds:

No, I changed the setting so instead of me paying the transaction fee it's directly billed to the payer, making the process more transparent and less complicated. So you just enter what you'd like to pay, and then about $1.50 will be applied in addition to that.


2013-01-30 05:36:01

Hey, man!
Just played the game.
So just some questions.
So is this the game that will replace Super Bunny Insurrection?
So instead of being a platformer, will the game be a arcadey type game now?
Where, like, you advance the level by getting all the tacos but the replayability, or the fun part of the game, is getting the highscore now?
Man, I really want to support you on PWYW.. D:

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks, man. I'm not sure exactly what the end game will be. Right now, this series will allow me to build the engine that I would have been building for Super Bunny Insurrection. Over time, it will get more and more complex. What will happen when the engine is closer to completion is still up in the air.